Prepare for Emergency Plumbing Disasters

  1. Know Where Your Main Water Supply Valve is Located so You Can Shut Off the Main Water Supply IMMEDIATELY!
  2. Know Who to Call for a Plumbing Emergency and Keep Their Phone Number with other Emergency Phone Numbers!


Keep Our Number with Other Emergency Phone Numbers: Fire, Ambulance, Police etc.

Even with good Preventative Plumbing Maintenance, a plumbing emergency can still occur. So what can you do to be prepared? Rely on your Menifee Plumber. To do that you need to keep our number handy. We do of course offer a Free Plumbing Estimate for emergency services as well.

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Just like you have other emergency numbers on a wall, held onto your refrigerator with a magnet, in a contact book near a phone or on the speed dial of Land Line Phone and/or your Cell Phone, it’s a good idea to have the number for your Menifee Emergency Plumber.

You probably already have numbers for Fire, Ambulance, Police, 911 Emergency, Hospital and so on; but everyone should also include an Emergency Plumber in Menifee CA Phone Number. Actually it is good idea to have your emergency phone numbers in all those places, including your wallet.

When you need emergency phone numbers, you need them IMMEDIATELY. Don’t get caught fumbling around trying to find or remember where you put your emergency phone numbers.

Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Can Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

There are a number of things you can do yourself to reduce the potential of having a plumbing emergency. Below is just one of the many Plumbing How To Preventative Maintenance Tips we will be putting up in our site’s article Directory (Blog), to help you save money and time.

Pay attention to your drains. Clogged Drains = Most Plumbing Repair Calls

Grease, Soap Residue, Hair and Lime Deposits (In some areas), build up over time and causes clogs.

There are preventative measures you can take to counteract Grease, Soap Residue, Hair and Lime Deposits build.

There are several liquid drain cleaning products available on the market that have been designed to reduce grease buildup.

Of course, it is natural for Soap Residue and Hair build up to happen in your bathroom sink, shower and bathtub. If you don’t regularly use one of the drain cleaner products, occasionally you may need to remove that build up. While you may have used a bent coat hanger to pull hair out of a drain, it can be tricky and you need to have the coat hanger bent just right. There is a better way than using a coat hanger . . .

Here is a video about a very inexpensive tool we use personally to avoid Soap Residue and Hair Build-up in our Drains.

Experiment with these and find one that works well for you. Regular use, according to directions, can keep you one step ahead of a clogged drain indefinitely.

If you have a drain problem you can’t handle, give I.E. Plumbing Services a

CALL: (951) 375-9599

There are many common plumbing repairs we can quote by phone and you will always get a Free Plumbing Repair Estimate in Menifee or Sun City before repairs begin.


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