5 Surprisingly Common Shower Plumbing Issues (And How to Get Them Fixed)

The average bathroom renovation costs around $10,000. After you sink that kind of money into a room, you expect it will function flawlessly.

So, it can prove a source of deep frustration when the shower starts acting up in your $10,000 room. Whether it’s strange noises or random bursts of scalding water, you want it fixed.

Keep reading and we’ll cover some common shower plumbing issues and the best fixes for it.

1. Low Water Pressure

If you like a shower that almost knocks you over when you step under the water, low water pressure is the worst thing that can happen. A number of things can cause low water pressure, such as:

  • Curbside main partially closed
  • House water main partially closed
  • Water restricting showerhead

In most cases, though, start by looking at your shower head. Mineral deposits build up inside the head and restrict water flow.

Soak the shower head in white vinegar overnight and rinse. The vinegar should break down the deposits.

2. Clogged Drain

Hair is the main culprit in most shower drain clogs. Other possibilities include mineral deposit buildups, soap/shampoo residue, or some combo of the three.

You can try plunging the drain, which will dislodge some clogs. You can also use liquid or gel clog removers. For the ambitious DIYer, you can even try snaking the pipe.

If those solutions don’t work, it’s time for a professional plumber.

3. Leaks

You get two kinds of leaks in a shower: minor and major. Minor leaks typically happen around the shower head fixture or the hose on detachable shower heads. Install a new fixture and the problem usually vanishes.

Major leaks around the tub or under it signal some major problem, like a cracked line or drain pipe. Leave these repairs to the pros unless you possess a lot of plumbing experience

4. Bursts of Hot Water

Ever feel the shower water temperature go from hot to scalding in a second? Odds are good that someone flushed a toilet somewhere else in the house.

Older toilets use a lot of water when they flush. They also put a drain on the cold water supply to refill the tank.

Switch out older toilets for new, low-flow toilets. They use less water, which means you avoid scalding your back.

5. Noisy Shower

You can blame most noisy showers on loose water supply lines. The lines move around as water flows through them, causing the noises.

Fixing it only requires some inexpensive brackets. You secure the supply lines to joists or wall studs with the brackets.

Parting Thoughts on Shower Plumbing Problems and Fixes

Many shower plumbing problems offer simple solutions.

Low shower pressure and minor leaks often stem from a clogged or crack shower head. Cleaning or replacing the fixture solves the problem.

Low flow toilets usually solve hot water bursts in the shower. Cheap brackets can fix most noisy showers. A plunger, liquid clog remover, or pipe snake can fix most clogs.

When it comes to major leaks, though, calling in a professional is your best move.

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