Common Reasons Drains Get Clogged

One question that home and business owners ask us as we repair their drains is: “Why do drains get clogged?”.  The short answer is that there are several reasons why.  That answer usually doesn’t satisfy our client’s curiosity.  Hopefully, this more detailed blog will.

The vast majority of the drain cleaning assignments that we’ve handled throughout Murrieta, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, and Temecula fall into one or more of the following categories.

The Wrong Stuff Is Going Down The Drain

Although it may seem otherwise, plumbing drains have the primary function to move water.  While dirty water poses no problem for drainage, items that have a propensity to stick to the sides of the pipes are problems.  Some of the foremost substances that should never find their way into drains include:

  • Grease (food grease, cooking oils, )
  • Food scraps (egg shells, vegetable/fruit peelings, fat from meats, )
  • Hair (human or animal)
  • Paper towels, feminine

Drainage Is Corroded or Damaged

Older pipes, particularly in aged homes, have a propensity to suffer from corrosion.  They also can collect sediment.  Old pipes present problems because they are more susceptible to cracking or bursting.  Additionally, an improper use of hydro jetting or a power auger can easily damage pipes particularly with ones that are already weakened with age.

Tree Roots

Tree roots, especially in our arid areas, are desperate for water.  Consequently, it is not an anomaly for roots to gravitate to plumbing pipes (especially if they have a small leak).  As the root grows, it can force its way into to tiniest of pipe cracks and eventually grow inside the pipe.  We’ve seen instances of roots completely overtaking a pipe.  Cracks can appear in pipes due to ground shifts, heavy equipment rolling over the soil above them, or sinkholes.

In any of the above cases, our team can restore your drain to its best working condition.  Have a question about your drain?  Give us a call.

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