Water that contains a high level of minerals, generally magnesium, calcium, and iron, is called hard water. These dissolved minerals seep into an area’s water supply from the soil, and this is why the water of one area may be harder than that of another.


When hard water evaporates, what’s left behind is a mineral residue on the surfaces it comes in contact with. This makes for a dirty, unpolished look. It creates annoyance in the bathroom and kitchen because the minerals react with soup and make soap scum. Hard water can give your dishes a spotted appearance and leave your laundry stiff and with a faded appearance, and also contains an unpleasant taste that can negatively affect water used for drinking or cooking.

When your water system is full of hard water, it can plug up and create problems with a home’s piping or any appliances that use water. Scale and lime deposits also can damage water heating appliances gradually over time, such as dishwashers and coffee makers. More expensive yet is the damage that can happen to your water heater, which can hurt its efficiency or cause it to fail without regular maintenance.


The main component of ion-exchange water softeners is their resin tank which contains polystyrene beads that contain negatively charged sodium ions. As water flows through the resin tank, the positively charged calcium, magnesium, and iron are replaced with the sodium ions. Once the water passes through the tank, it no longer contains hard minerals


There are many factors to consider when it comes to installing a water softener, like the kind of plumbing system you have in your home, the kind of water softener being installed, and area of the home where the water softener will be installed. There may even be a permit required in your area to install a water softener.

Due to these factors, it’s recommended to hire a professional with sufficient experience in water softener installation, such as our 24-hour plumbers who service Murrieta and the rest of the Inland Empire. The plumbing experts at I.E. Plumbing Services, Inc. can help you through your options and install the water softening system that best suits you.