The Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are taking over the market and have many huge advantages over traditional storage tank water heaters. Tank water heaters use up energy as they turn on and off all day long, whether you use the water or not. They raise your electricity bill and put a strain on natural resources. With tankless heater, you are able to reduce your energy usage by up to 50%!

The Wave of the Future

A decade ago, most homeowners in the U.S. were unaware of idea of tankless water heaters. As the race has continued to come up with more eco-friendly technologies that conserve natural resources, tankless water heaters have been thrust into the spotlight. Tankless technology has been around for years and has already long been the standard in Europe and Asia. American homeowners are finally accepting that tankless water heaters are the wave of the future. Tankless heaters heat up water in a fraction of the time of storage tank heaters and take up far less space.

Water Heater Repair

With all of the advantages of tankless water heaters, they still can become clogged due to mineral deposits from hard water. Corrosion can also happen if there is a leak inside of the heat exchanger. This corrosion can be dangerous to your home, and it’s important to call a repair professional when you first see any sign of corrosion.

Professional Installation in Temecula

At I.E. Plumbing Services, Inc. our team of water heater experts are highly experienced in both the installation and repair of tankless water heaters. We will replace your old heater with a new one quickly and efficiently. Most tankless water heaters run on natural gas, and it is important that they are installed by certified professionals. For tankless water heater installation or repair in Temecula, CA, please call (951) 375-9599 today!