Signs That Your Commercial Water Heater Is Going Out

Typical commercial water heaters are designed for extremely high output.  Whether used in industrial settings or within a system for multiple residents, commercial water heaters tend to have long shelf lives.  Nevertheless, they can break down, and when they do, it could be an ordeal to get it fixed.

Consequently, it is best to recognize the signs when your commercial water heater is having problems.

Here are a couple of prominent issues that usually result in a need to replace a commercial water heater.

Loss of Output

If your business is beginning to experience intermittent outages of hot water, there is a problem.  Unlike small residential water heaters, commercial units should have a virtually inexhaustible amount of hot water available.  The reasons for loss of hot water output are numerous, so it is always best to have a professional troubleshoot the issue.


Small water heaters that leak could cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars per month.  Commercial grade water heaters with leaks can cost businesses thousands per month.  Inside of large water heaters rusting may occur which eventually leads to fissures and holes.  If you’re finding puddles of water near the unit or high levels of moisture, check for a leak.  Often it is possible to make repairs to the unit instead of replacing it.  However, if several leaks are present or if there is significant damage to the unit, it is sometimes best to replace the water heater entirely.

Regular maintenance can preserve and even extend the life of a commercial water heating unit for several years.  Yet, all things eventually break down.  Replacing a commercial water heater can be expensive, but there are ways to offset the costs.  Check for rebates extended to businesses.  If you are concerned about the service of your commercial water heater, give us a call.  I.E. Plumbing is a trusted plumber supporting local businesses throughout Menifee.

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