Full-Service Bathroom Remodeling in Temecula

The bathroom is a part of the home that is regularly exposed to heavy traffic, so its especially vulnerable to wear and tear. For this reason, a renovation can refresh your bathroom’s appearance or give it an entirely different look and feel. Our team of trained, certified plumbers can handle small or complex remodeling projects with no issues.

Why Hire a Plumber?

Although bathroom remodeling is something many people believe they can do on their own, hiring a professional can save you from a lot of trouble and time expenditure. Professional tools can take hours or days to learn to use correctly. A non-professional approach can lead to problems that may be challenging and costly to correct. A professional will know exactly what to do and has a firm understanding of building codes and what precautions to take for your safety and health. Remodeling can require you to remove walls where pipes are located, relocate fixtures, or other complicated improvements.

What We Offer

Our team of skilled 24-hour plumbers can do many things to help improve your bathroom and increase its value. Whether you want a new shower, bathtub, toilet, plumbing fixtures, or new shower or faucet fixtures, our team can get the job done quickly and efficiently. We can rearrange the placement of toilets or sinks in order to make your bathroom feel more open and modern. Share any of your ideas with us, and we can work together to actualize your dream bathroom. We make sure that your bathroom is equipped with great quality products and that your plumbing runs perfectly.

Our Experienced Team

At I.E. Plumbing Services, Inc. we have a team of reputable professionals who are experienced in all types of remodeling projects, no matter how simple or complex. We service Temecula, CA as well as the surrounding Inland Empire area. For help with remodeling your bathroom, please contact us today at (951) 375-9599.