24 Hour Emergency Plumber Temecula

When an Emergency Happens

24-hour emergency plumbing is always at your fingertips with I.E. Plumbing Services, Inc. Water and drain issues never happen at a convenient time. Sometimes it can seem like they only happen in the middle of the night or during holidays or special occasions. Our trained team has years of experience with a variety of emergency repairs such as clogged drains, broken sewer pips, backed-up toilets, gas leaks, leaking water fixtures, and many more. Our licensed, bonded team of experts will resolve your issues in the most cost-effective, non-invasive manner possible.

Fast and Efficient Service

Our emergency service professionals will arrive quickly at your door, armed with state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise to handle any level of emergency safely and effectively. Our licensed team is ready to tackle your emergency at any time of day. You can trust that our team will resolve your problem on our first attempt. We stand confidently behind our work and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Some of the Most Common Emergencies Include:

  • Water Leaks
  • Water Heater Failure
  • Clogged Drains
  • Toilet Overflow
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Sewer System Backup
  • Burst Washing Machine Hoses

Precautions to Take

When any kind of water or drain emergency does occur, there are a couple precautions to take in order to prevent any costly or dangerous situations from occurring. The first step is to, beforehand, make sure that everybody in the household is aware of the location of the primary water shut-off valve. It’s important to close this valve off immediately when flooding or any significant leaking begins. The next step is to clear away anything of value from the path of the flooding so that the risk of any water damage is reduced.

We Serve You 24/7

After taking our suggested precautions, the next step it to call our team immediately, and we will send out our trained, experienced professionals to assist you at your home in Temecula, CA or anywhere else in the Inland Empire. Don’t try to do any plumbing repairs yourself in emergency situations because that can lead to further costly damages and complications. Our experienced team has the ability to quickly diagnose and locate any problem areas, and they will resolve your plumbing emergency before you know it. Whether it’s 3 in the morning or dinnertime on Christmas Day, we are ready to answer your call and dispatch our licensed professionals to your home immediately. Call us today for our effective 24-hour emergency plumbing.